The MHRA warns about Brexit implications to Public Health

Possible dangers regarding Brexit have been defined in the annual accounts of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Main threats include:

  • The ability of the MHRA to efficiently protect public health
  • Loss of funding leading to incapacity to fulfil statutory duties
  • Loss of potential outsourcing of work from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) leading to a reduction in income
  • Patients may have to wait longer (up to two years) for access to new drugs in the UK; as drug companies would need to approach the EMA, (which will no longer be based in the UK) for approval prior to coming to the MHRA

The chairman of the Ethical Medicines Industry Group (EMIG), Leslie Galloway, said:

“The MHRA’s warnings about Brexit should be taken very seriously. Without clarity on how the UK will work with the EU post-Brexit, there is a real risk that patients will have to wait up to two years longer for medicines, and pharmaceutical companies will disinvest in the UK. That would be bad for patients [and] bad for the NHS.”

While, the Department of Health commented:

 “We continue to play a full role in the EU medicines regulatory framework, and we will work closely with our European counterparts to ensure continued cooperation, in the best interests of business, citizens and patients across the EU and the UK.”

The news article can be found here.

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Published on 6. August 2017 in News EU, News UK