EU should allow two year trade implementation period – Theresa May

Prime Minister Theresa May has used a speech in Florence on 22nd September to set out how the UK intends to progress with Brexit talks.

Mrs May proposed that a period of implementation after the UK leaves the EU would be in the interests of people and businesses, so that only one set of changes had to be planned for. She stated that the transition period in which access to markets should continue as it is should last for however long it would take to implement a new system, but predicted a period of “around two years”.

In addition, Mrs May said that “the UK will honour commitments made during its period of EU membership” and that no partner “will need to pay more or receive less over the remainder of the current budget plan as a result of our decision to leave”. She also stated a commitment to continue working together in ways that promote the long-term economic development of both the EU and the UK, and that the UK will seek to take continue to part in policies and programmes in science, education, culture and security

Mrs May concluded by saying that no deal would be a “failure in the eyes of history and a damaging blow to the future of our continent”. However, in the Q+A she repeated her previous statement that no deal would still be better than a bad deal.

The full speech transcript can be found here.

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Published on 22. September 2017 in News EU, News UK