Implementation of ACO care models

The vision for health and social care in England highlighted gaps that need to be addressed in the NHS Five Year Forward View. These include; funding and efficiency, health and wellbeing, and care and equality.

The NHS Five Year Forward View promoted new care models, including multispecialty community providers (MCP) and integrated primary and acute care systems (PACS), to close these gaps. Successful implementation of these Accountable Care Organisation (ACO) models requires a new payment approach that will provide financial incentives to facilitate greater co-ordination and integration of care.

A handbook on New Care Models has been jointly created by NHS England and NHS Improvement. It provides guidance to support local areas looking to implement an Accountable Care Organisation (ACO) care model. It focuses on a Whole Population Budget (WPB) approach to paying for health and care services and provides guidance on the aspects of designing and calculating a WPB. Included are case studies to illustrate the main stages in developing a WPB for an ACO.

The handbook should be used alongside the ACO emerging care model and contract framework document, as well as the emerging contract itself.

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Published on 29. September 2017 in News UK