UK minister says EU med device rules will apply after Brexit

At the Association of British Healthcare Industries conference in London, Junior health minister James O’Shaughnessy has stated that the U.K.’s medical devices sector will continue to follow EU regulations after Brexit even if a “no deal” agreement is reached.

This will include the new medical devices regulations that came into force in May which tighten quality and safety standards across EU medical devices.

He believes the U.K.’s strength in assessing medical devices would lead to a positive agreement with the EU on regulatory alignment.

He stated that the U.K.’s five bodies for approving new medical devices regulate a high number of products for the EU market and believes that this is what will lead to a positive response from the EU on the recent position papers on regulatory alignment.

He has asked the medtech sector to push for a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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Published on 14. September 2017 in News EU, News UK