European Medicines Agency publishes Brexit Preparedness Business Continuity Plan

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has published its plan to safeguard continuity of operations while relocating from London and preparing for the departure of the UK from the EU. The plan outlines how the Agency intends to categorise and prioritise its activities and workload implications in connection with Brexit and the Agency’s relocation.

The major challenges that the plan seeks to address throughout the process of EMA relocation and Brexit negotiations are:

  • Not to jeopardise EMA’s positioning in the pharmaceutical arena in the post-Brexit era. To achieve this, EMA should continue to comply as long as possible with its 2017-2019 strategic priorities, whilst also looking for any strategic opportunities that may arise in a profoundly changing environment.
  • In parallel, to demonstrate its preparedness for addressing any emerging consequences by taking decisive and timely action when needed to safeguard its core tasks, and by overseeing an effective implementation. This will require the development of adequate Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) that can help EMA respond to the consequences stemming from this unprecedented situation.
  • To provide a balanced communication, both internally and externally, addressing this dual approach.

The plan will be continuously reviewed throughout the process, and necessary adjustments made as appropriate.

Please click here to read the full report.

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Published on 18. October 2017 in News EU, News UK