NHS should trial new online and mobile app for depression, says NICE

Mental health illnesses are a growing burden on healthcare services. Identifying and access to care are key barriers to treatment and so a new online and mobile programme, Deprexis, which could help adults with depression get faster access to care, has been positively received by NICE.

NICE has recommended that Deprexis should be tested within the NHS in select specialist services by NHS England. Depexis helps people assess their own situation and find effective ways of coping.

NICE says Deprexis could be an effective alternative therapy for adults with mild to moderate depression. In advice published to NHS England, NICE is recommending that the therapy is trialled for up to two years in at least two of the specialist services that were set up to improve access to psychological therapies.

Dr Paul Chrisp, programme director of the medical and technologies programme at NICE, said: “Deprexis is a digital therapy that could help speed up access to care and free up therapist time to treat more people. This new programme, funded by NHS England, has meant that we can now open up access to innovative therapies by recommending them for real-world evidence study. Our aim is to provide evidence-based advice so services can make informed decisions and people have more flexible options to treat anxiety and depression.”

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Published on 31. January 2018 in News UK