First successful LHCRE bids announced

On the 23 May, NHS England announced that One London, Wessex, and Greater Manchester had succeeded in their bids to become the first three Local Health and Care Record Exemplars (LHCREs).

These new LHCRE’s will receive £7.5 million over two years, which they will be expected to match, in order to put in place a shared local health and care record that makes the relevant information about people instantly available to everyone involved in their care and support. Each LHCRE is made up of either one or multiple Sustainability Transformation Partnerships (STPs).

Whilst many local initiatives have been adopted to improve data sharing between organisations, NHS England is concerned that a lack of common standards can cause care to be obstructed when patients move to areas that cannot process data collated in other areas, or when patients need to be treated at a wider geographical level.

The LHCRE’s will also be expected to give citizens and carers access to their own medical records, and provide anonymous and depersonalised information to support academic research into conditions, treatments and improved care and prevention. The Government will also introduce a new national data opt-out as of 25 May, which will offer people a choice on how their identifiable information is used for research and planning purposes. The new partnerships will also work to better understand demand for our services and to plan effectively for future demand.

Although ten bids to form LHCRE’s were submitted after NHS England invited proposals on 21 March, a maximum of five are expected to be successful. The CIO for Health and Care, Will Smart, said that in the next few weeks the organisation would approach the other bidders “to understand which two are ready to join the initial group this year”.

Click here for NHS England’s summary of LHCRE’s

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Published on 8. June 2018 in News, News UK