Updates to MedTech Europe’s ethical code

MedTech Europe, the industry body for medical technology producers in Europe, has updated its Code of Ethical Business Practice incorporating clarifications and new question/answer detail. The changes are designed to improve transparency and integrity for member companies, avoiding some of the problems encountered by medical companies in the past.

Among other key details, the reported updates include phasing out of direct sponsorships and increased transparency in educational grants. If a conference intends to have industrial sponsors, they will be required to request ethical approval. The healthcare organisation will then take the burden of managing such grants as are needed: submitting requests to every company, and ensuring details are disclosed to MedTech Europe.

It is essential that all MedTech Europe members read through the Code thoroughly and understand the implications for them.

Click here to access the Code of Ethical Business Practice.

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Published on 19. June 2018 in News, News EU, News International