NHS positive about HCTED programme

The High-Cost Tariff-Excluded Devices (HCTED) programme has been running since April 2016. It was established in order to rationalise the purchasing of these expensive technologies across the UK, and is hoped to deliver around £60 million of savings for the NHS. Over £500 million is spent each year across the country on HCTEDs, so the need to reduce costs where possible is of great importance.

The NHS is pleased to see the new system being well used, as over 90 of 125 relevant NHS trusts are using the new system for one or more of the device categories covered by the new process. Last year, spend through the programme reached the £100 million milestone, showing a strong willingness of trusts to engage with the system.

The NHS has managed the transition to the new system at a local level, allowing phased introductions. It is believed that around 25% of the transition is complete currently. NHS Supply Chain provides support to trusts seeking to transition, as do Regional Champions.

Read more about the HCTED programme here.

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Published on 17. July 2018 in News, News UK