Clinical research in the UK is booming, according to NIHR

More people within the UK are taking part in NHS clinical research than at any point in the past, according to statistics released by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Over 725,000 people participated in clinical research last year, up from 665,000 the previous year. Numbers of people in commercial research rose by 45% to over 50,000 participants within the same timeframe.

The figures indicate that the UK is seen as an important location for conducting clinical trials, helping to produce access to new medicines and devices as well as answers to research questions.

Dr Jonathan Sheffield, chief executive officer of the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN), stated

“Partnerships between the NHS and the life sciences industry bring a range of benefits to the healthcare sector – giving trusts access to new treatments and funding for health research, while also boosting the wider economy each year through the development of cutting edge medical innovations.”

 Trusts have a financial incentive to produce research, receiving on average £6,500 per study conducted, which may be a contributing factor to the increase. 

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Published on 8. August 2018 in News EU, News UK