New Health Secretary vows to fight “vested interests”

The Health Services Journal has reported findings from its recent Freedom of Information request, discovering that Matt Hancock, Secretary of Health and Social Care, has worked quickly to establish links with some of the smaller players in the health sector.

Two days before his maiden speech, Mr Hancock met with companies including disruptive digital businesses. The Journal reports:

“sources familiar with the meeting said Mr Hancock told the companies he would “stand up to vested interests” and if he achieved ”only one thing in the job” it would be to bring NHS and social care technology into the 21st century”

Mr Hancock is determined to fight against vested interests in and around the NHS when they stand in the way of bringing in innovative solutions.

According to the Journal, app developers were key at this meeting with attendees such as Forward Health, maker of a clinical messaging app and Touch Surgery, training surgeons using simulations on their phone.

“Other attendees included Dr Hakim Yadi, chief executive of the Northern Health Science Alliance, NHS chief clinical information officer Dr Simon Eccles, DHSC director of primary care, digital and data Katie Farrington, and Mr Hancock’s chief technology advisor, Hadley Beeman.”

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Published on 23. August 2018 in News, News UK