Health and Social Care Committee Announce No-Deal Brexit Enquiry

An evidence session will be held in October to establish the effect of a no-deal Brexit on the health and social care sector. This is part of a wider enquiry, run by the Select Committee. Written submissions are welcome now until 15 October, with dates of oral evidence sessions to follow, as well as announcements of witnesses to be heard.

The Terms of Reference for the enquiry are:

  • “What the impact of a no-deal Brexit is likely to be on their sector of the health and social care system (whether that be patients, suppliers to the health and social care system, providers of NHS or social care services, NHS or social care staff, or others).
  • Specifically, what the risks are to patients and to the health and social care system of leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement. The Committee would be particularly pleased to hear from patient representative groups about the extent of the potential risk to patient care of any disruption to the supply from the EU-27 to the UK of medicines, medical devices or substances of human origin.
  • How effectively stakeholders are planning for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit.
  • How effectively they consider the Government is planning for such an outcome.
  • What further planning, or reassurances, are required in order to ensure that the impact of a no-deal Brexit on health and social care would be minimised.”

Click here to access the enquiry page.

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Published on 20. September 2018 in News, News EU, News UK