£26m of Government funding for innovation

Over the weekend the Government announced the winners of £17 million in funding for technology schemes designed to transform healthcare.

The money is provided by Innovate UK and UK Research and Innovation through the Digital Health Catalyst competition, and the Medicine Manufacturing round 2 challenge fund competition, which are both part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

In addition, the Government is also announcing Round 3 of the Digital Health Technology Catalyst competition, with up to £9m of additional funding available for digital solutions to healthcare challenges. The deadline for applications is noon on the 31st of October.

Among the projects for which funding has been announced are:

  • Machine-learning to improve scheduling for surgery and beds for downstream recovery
  • Smartphone apps to improve monitoring and treatment
  • Digital visualisation of real-time information for surgical teams
  • Systems to track and allocate hospital porters
  • Virtual reality programs for stroke recovery
  • 3D printing of pills for tailored medicines
  • Oral dosing of antibody therapeutics
  • Advanced skin-patches allowing a wider range of medicines to be delivered this way

In addition to these schemes for innovative technologies, Innovate UK is also encouraging applications to its Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme. This programme offers around £100,000 for collaborative projects between companies and academics in order commercialise the latest scientific research. The deadline for applications to the current round of this programme is also Oct 31st.



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Published on 2. October 2018 in News, News UK