DHSC announces £9m for innovation programmes

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has announced a new round of the ‘Test Bed’ programme, designed to facilitate the deployment of innovative technologies within the NHS. This project will be supported by £7m in funding from DHSC and NHS England, and will focus on the deployment of digital, machine-learning, and other technological systems to promote effectiveness and efficiency. Each site will test a new innovation, with the real-world data being used to inform subsequent deployment across the NHS.

Another £2m has also been announced to support the deployment of seven ‘rapid uptake’ products selected via the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC). The aim is to quickly expand uptake of innovative products with strong evidence bases, in order to promote use across the NHS. It is hoped that the products will be used in the treatment of half a million patients, and that this will ultimately lead to NHS savings of £30 million. These products are a mixture of diagnostic tests, and high cost-effectiveness drugs.

Both projects are being supported by Academic Health Science Networks, and a full list of innovations is available here via Health Innovation Manchester.

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Published on 23. October 2018 in News UK