Patents in point-of-care diagnostics fall rapidly, study reveals

The number of filings for patents in point-of-care diagnostics has fallen sharply in years since its peak in 2014. That year there were 118 patents for infectious disease diagnostics, but only 94 in 2015. This is concerning as medtech is a growth industry, and had been booming in the years following the financial crash of 2008.

Paul Chapman, partner, Marks & Clerk, said

“That we have seen a dip in filings over the past two years in which data is available, after seeing steady growth in the years prior, is surprising. Patent filing figures are often seen as a gauge of the health of any market, and it’s crucial that AMR remains a focus for businesses and regulators.”

Data wasn’t yet available for years after 2015, so it is hoped that recent initiatives, such as the WHO’s pathogen prioritisation, have encouraged some recovery.

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Published on 17. October 2018 in News, News EU, News UK