Report calls for improvements on French medicines information

This month has seen the publication of a report on proposed improvements to information on medical products. The publication of the report was announced by the Minister for Health at a presentation at the National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety (ANSM).

The main strategic priorities recommended by the report are:

  • To improve information available on medicines themselves
  • To improve processes to enable rapid action in the event of a safety concern
  • To Improve pharmacovigilance systems to ensure adverse events are reported
  • To Improve transparency around commercial links between manufacturers, and their relationships with opinion-leaders

The report calls for a top-down approach to these issues, to ensure they are less dependent on the proactivity of individual clinicians. It also calls for processes to be adapted in order to ensure their relevance and efficiency given the rise of digital technology.

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Published on 23. October 2018 in News France