SBRI funding awarded to promising new technologies

SBRI Healthcare is a National Health Service (NHS) England initiative, led by the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), who provide funding for promising new technologies that would be beneficial to the NHS. The funding allows the companies to fast-track their products to market. The technologies to be funded are chosen through competitions with themes organised by SBRI Healthcare.

The July 2017 SBRI Healthcare national competition, searched for technologies to aid more effective cancer screening and diagnosis. The four winning companies were C the Signs, Cambridge Oncometrix, Chromition and Deep Med IO with the following technologies:

  • C the Signs is an app and website that aids early identification of patients most at risk of cancer and suggests the next step to take
  • Cambridge Oncometrix produce a non-invasive test that diagnoses prostate cancer at an earlier stage
  • Chromition produce fluorescent biomarkers that bind to cancer cells and can be viewed under microscopy and analysed using novel pattern recognition software that can identify cancer faster and more cheaply than previously
  • Deep Med IO has developed a computer-aided, digital pathology diagnosis system, plus AI for identification of metastatic regions in lymph nodes to increase the speed and accuracy of cancer diagnosis.

A total of £3.8 million in funding has been awarded to the four companies.

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Published on 26. October 2018 in News, News UK