Digital health platform created to monitor stress in clinical trial participants

A digital health platform that monitors clinical trial participants’ stress levels has been designed by UK-based research and development company Cambridge Consultants. Stress can cause changes in behaviour and disease states. In clinical trials this can potentially cause patients to drop out of the trial or lead to the trial being poorly controlled.

The platform, ‘Verum’ has been developed by Cambridge Consultants with advice from clinical psychiatrists and neuroscientists. It monitors patients stress mostly through voice and electromyography (EMG) measurements, with wearable sensors, a data collection app and a widget for healthcare dashboards. This data can be used by clinicians, nurses and trial co-ordinators to mitigate the impact of stress on compliance to the trial and take into account stress as a confounding factor on the results. The company hope this will increase efficiency of clinical trials, of which studies have shown 80% currently fail to reach completion.

Head of Digital Health at Cambridge Consultants, Jaquie Finn, has stated:

“The rising cost of clinical trials, combined with the commercial risks of failure, mean it’s vital we’re able to harness the power of AI and continuous patient monitoring to mitigate the impact of stress on clinical trial outcomes. Verum informs better adaptive trial design through bigger, real-time contextualized data sets and will mark a step-change in the efficiency of clinical trials.”

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Published on 13. November 2018 in News, News UK