EURORDIS leads call for meaningful patient involvement in European HTA

EURORDIS, the umbrella organisation for patient groups in Europe, have released a joint statement with thirteen other organisations to call for greater engagement of patients in health technology appraisal (HTA) processes.

The statement calls specifically for involvement in the proposed EU-level HTA, in which most of the approval of new drugs would take place centrally (only pricing and reimbursement would remain to be decided at national level). The statement says:

“patients and their organisations are convinced that changes need to be made to the legislation before it is adopted to guarantee an adequate involvement of patients in all HTA activities (joint consultations, early dialogues, scoping and assessments), which is essential to help HTA assessors determine the relative efficacy and safety of health technologies.”

The statement argues that involvement of patients in any appraisal increases the validity of decisions made, and that it is important that representation of patients happens at every stage of an assessment.

MAP understands the importance of working with patients throughout the market access stages of a product launch, and will follow developments in the European HTA proposal with great interest.

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Published on 20. November 2018 in News, News EU