Monday’s health and politics updates

There have been several political stories in the health sector published this morning. MAP have captured them below:

Matt Hancock puts emphasis on prevention rather than cure

The Health and Social Care Secretary will use a speech today asking the public to make healthier lifestyle choices. Mr Hancock says,

“We need to do far more to personally take responsibility for our own health… Prevention is also about ensuring that people take greater responsibility for managing their own health. It’s about people choosing to look after themselves better, staying active and stopping smoking. Making better choices by limiting alcohol, sugar, salt and fat.”

There is expected to be some debate around the issues raised in the speech, with some already suggesting Mr Hancock is “naive”.
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NHS Scotland’s digital infrastructure gets cash boost

Up to £80 million will be invested over five years into NHS Scotland’s digital infrastructure ensuring that,

“all 161,000 NHS employees will have access to upgraded Microsoft Office desktop products, helping to further increase robustness against cyber threats, and improving the security of patient data.”

The project is a collaboration between NHS Scotland and Microsoft UK.
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Nicola Sturgeon raises Brexit health concerns

Scotland’s First Minister has said the Scottish Government is preparing as well as it can for Brexit, and is continuing to invest in aspects of health such as cancer: For example, more than £100 million over five years will be spent on cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare.

However, the Scottish Government is concerned about the apparent “mounting costs” of Brexit, and has asked the Prime Minister to “come clean on the scale of the cost to our health service”.
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Published on 5. November 2018 in News, News UK