NHS Improvement provide information on post-Brexit recruitment costs

The Health Select Committee has asked NHS Improvement for its calculations of the extra costs needed to maintain staffing levels after Brexit. NHS Improvement has responded in a letter, which can be found here.

The letter points out that until the final details of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU are confirmed, it is not possible to confirm exactly how much any non-UK recruitment will cost. However, the letter quotes a recent article from the Royal College of Physicians showing:

“If we modelled last year’s 12,303 EU staff that joined the NHS in 2017, and applied the tier 2 immigration system or a similar model, the NHS would have to find £105 million a year to recruit staff that previously attracted no immigration costs. If you then add in visa renewal costs for 60% of these staff at the end of their 3-year visas, the cost increases by a further £45 million, creating a total of £150 million…”

The letter goes on to say “The Long Term Plan will set out how we intend to address these issues”.

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Published on 29. November 2018 in News, News EU, News UK