Round-up of NHS Specialised Commissioning news

The November NHS Specialised Commissioning bulletin has been published.

The featured report describes how the first patients have begun CAR-T cell therapy treatment following the recent approval of this immunotherapy for B cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) for children and young people.

Latest news includes the NHS’ new deal with drug manufacturers, allowing them to switch from using adalimumab to lower cost biosimilars of the drug. It is claimed that the NHS will save £300 million from this deal. Other latest news covers the opening of four new Mother and Baby Units (MBU) across the country and their associated outreach teams, links to guidance for both clinicians, patients and the public regarding the recent rescheduling of some cannabis-based products for medicinal use, and a report on the campaign to eliminate hepatitis C, which aims to get patients who were diagnosed before curative treatments were available to get tested and seek treatment if necessary.

Current NHS England consultations presented include a public consultation on a draft standard operating procedure on the process for applying for proton beam therapy and the subsequent treatment centres assigned, a 60 day consultation on a draft specification for sarcoma services, which is combining two separate existing service specifications on bone sarcoma and soft tissue sarcoma, a 30 day consultation on a clinical commissioning policy for 18F-flourodeoxyglucose (FDG) positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET-CT) as part of radical radiotherapy treatment planning for oesophageal cancer, and a 30 day consultation on a draft service specification for adult critical care services.

A reminder is also given that registration is open to become a stakeholder in one of NHS England’s clinical reference groups.

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Published on 29. November 2018 in News, News UK