Teleconsultations to be reimbursed by the French Health Insurance Fund

Telemedicine enables remote contact either between multiple healthcare practitioners or between patients and their healthcare practitioners, for example remote GP consultations as discussed in a previous MAP news post here. Our MedTech pages also discuss the concept of Telehealth in the UK.

Teleconsultation, remote consultations between patients and their healthcare practitioners, have been available in France as part of the coordinated care pathway since the 2018 Social Security Financing Bill.

The use of telemedicine in France is increasing, which has led to the recent decision to conduct remote consultations at the same price as face-to-face appointments, as they can now be reimbursed by the French Health Insurance Fund. Reimbursement is subject to requirements of being conducted by video-transmission, being integrated within the coordinated care pathway and the patient already being known to the teleconsulting physician. To encourage further uptake practices are no longer required to enter into contracts with regional health agencies or set-up an agreement among the doctors conducting the telemedicine.

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Published on 13. November 2018 in News, News France