BPI (Germany) warns against rushing new mechanism for benefit assessment

The CEO of the Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Germany) (BPI), Martin Zentgraf, has expressed concern regarding a draft law which would bring a new mechanism to the benefit assessment of medicines. Following a hearing regarding the draft law, Zentgraf said:

“We do not need new mechanisms for the assessment of the added-value of medicines that have been marketed as orphan drugs or with a conditional marketing authorisation.”

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Zentgraf explained that the BPI do generally welcome the Government’s action to address issues concerning the ‘safe drug supply’ (GSAV), however this proposed change would “only intend to create cost pressure”.

The BPI went on to also express concern that the regulations “are aimed at preventing supply” and also of health insurers management of the delivery of medicines.

“You must minimise the risk of delivery problems when selecting your contractors. If they [health insurers] can not do this, the funds must also bear the additional costs that result from a default in the discount agreement” – Martin Zentgraf, CEO of BPI

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Published on 18. December 2018 in News, News Germany