Care Quality Commission publishes report into NHS safety

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) have this week published a report into NHS culture around safety. The report looked at the current procedures and guidelines for safety within the NHS, as well as recommending improvements.

The report set out to answer four questions:

  • How is the guidance to prevent ‘Never Events’ approached by trusts?
  • How effectively do trusts implement the safety guidance?
  • How do other system partners support trusts with the implementation of safety guidance?
  • What can be learned from other industries?

The report recommends that NHS Improvement should work closely with other NHS organisations to spread safety information, work towards creating safety frameworks, and improve the way it assesses safety information. This includes working with NHS Education England, The National Patient Safety Strategy, The National Patient Safety Alert Committee, and professional regulators and ‘leaders’ who work in healthcare.

The CQC worked with NHS Improvement in researching and delivering the report.

Read more from the report here

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Published on 24. December 2018 in News, News UK