Examples of hospital Trusts using MedTech to gain efficiencies

St Bartholomew’s Hospital has installed an air filtration unit, which it expects will significantly increase the treatment capacity of the Respiratory Medicine Department. The number of cystic fibrosis sufferers who could receive physiotherapy was previously limited to just two per day due to the risk of cross-infection; the only method available to clean air being to open the windows.

Meanwhile, Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has installed a computer virtual reality suite to treat patients with visual vertigo. The Trust has stated the use of this technology has led to improvements in recovery time of between six to eight weeks compared to six months when using traditional therapy. A standard therapy session usually lasts up to 20 minutes and includes patient activities such as throwing a ball and tracking its movement with a finger, swaying their head from side to side at differing speeds or viewing visually stimulating patterns. The virtual reality system allows patients to experience the same physical and psychological movements as they would experience in real life, though it is not clear what is causing the significant improvements in recovery times.

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Published on 10. December 2018 in News UK