Lords Health Minister stands down

Lord O’Shaughnessy, the Government’s Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health in the House of Lords, has resigned from his ministerial position in the Department of Health and Social Care.

His resignation cited unspecified family circumstances as the reason for his departure, and also reiterated the minister’s support for the Government’s programme.

Lord O’Shaughnessy had a significant role in a number of areas of key interest to the life sciences industry, including industrial strategy, pricing, digital, and innovation as well as being a ministerial lead for the NHS Business Services Authority and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Perhaps most significantly, his brief covered preparations within the life sciences industry for the UK’s departure from the EU. His resignation comes at a crucial time in this process when there is already significant uncertainty and concern within the industry over the effects of the transition.

A replacement for the role has yet to be appointed; this story will updated once this is announced.

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Published on 21. December 2018 in News, News UK