Scottish Government announces 2019-20 budget

On the 12th December the Scottish Government announced their budget for 2019-20. This included some significant investment into health services. In particular, the budget included an increase in spending on health and social care by almost £730 million due to ‘Barnett consequentials‘. This links back to investments in healthcare in England.

The budget also included an increase in investment to over £9 billion in Health and Social Care Partnerships. This increase aims to assist in the delivery of primary and community health services.

According to the Scottish Government, this budget will ensure that Scottish healthcare is not impacted by any shortfalls from the UK Government. The plans also focus on a shifting in priorities in Scottish healthcare.

“This funding and the way in which it is allocated will deliver further on our commitment to shift the balance of health and social care spend towards mental health, primary, community and social care, where services can help to maximise people’s independence and wellbeing in their own homes and communities and relieve pressure on acute services.” – Scottish Budget: 2019-20, The Scottish Government

Other significant announcements from the budget included investments into infrastructure and education. The budget also included further developments in taxation.

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Published on 12. December 2018 in News, News UK