Generation Z concerned for the NHS

A study by health communications consultancy Pegasus of 500 people aged 16-23, an age group also known as generation Z, and 500 people aged 54-72, also known as Baby Boomers, was done to compare their opinions on healthcare.

The belief of both groups in the importance of the NHS was demonstrated with 69% of Generation Z and 72% of Baby Boomers being worried about the future of the NHS. 59% of Generation Z compared to 28% of Baby Boomers said that Brexit would have a negative impact on the NHS.

The study also found that 72% of Generation Z say they have a lot of respect for doctors and specialists, and 53% would always go to the doctor when they feel ill for longer than a few days. However, 41% of Generation Z agrees or strongly agrees that they feel their doctor dismisses them, as if they are imagining or exaggerating their symptoms.

Health psychologist and co-author of the report Dr Anna Baker stated on this:

“Gen Zs demonstrate a strong social conscience, and we see this reflected in their feelings towards the NHS as an institution… Generation Z sees the importance of caring for their health and engaging with HCPs, but appear to have more negative experiences. This could be influenced by direct experience but also potentially by a heavy reliance on using online resources to access information.”

60% of the Generation Z group said they consult Google to check symptoms before making an appointment with a GP, compared to just 31% of Baby Boomers, although whether this is to help them to decide whether an appointment is necessary or just for information before going to the appointment is not reported.

The full report is available here.

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Published on 21. January 2019 in News, News UK