Public Health England consultation: revising the Public Health Outcomes Framework

Public Health England (PHE) are currently consulting on changes to the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) they use to track the state of the nation’s health. The PHOF consists of a number of indicators which “cover the full spectrum of what is understood as public health and what can currently be measured”.

PHE reviews the PHOF every three years since its introduction in 2012. In the present consultation, respondents are asked to give their thoughts on the following categories of indicator, proposed to:

  • remain the same
  • remain but have a change to either the method or data source
  • be replaced with an alternative indicator(s) on the same topic
  • be removed from 2019
  • be included from 2019
  • be added, replaced or removed to reflect the changes in the immunisation/vaccination schedule

Find out more here.

Track the consultation on MAP’s pages here.

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Published on 22. January 2019 in News, News UK