AHSNs discuss their work stimulating economic growth

The Academic Health Sciences Networks (AHSN) are celebrating their success, having analysed their work from the first six months of 2018. They say:

“During a six-month period at the start of last year, 1,173 companies were supported with 1,524 innovations. This support spanned from initial signposting through to the development of long-term strategic collaborations.

“Of these, 86 companies now benefit from long-term partnerships with the NHS thanks to the expert guidance provided through the AHSN Network.

“Gaining access to the NHS and social care markets can be a difficult and daunting prospect for businesses. However, through the Innovation Exchange, the AHSNs act as a broker between businesses and the NHS to simplify the process for both parties.”

The Innovation Pathway maintained by the AHSN guides innovators through the process of getting their inventions into the NHS. In identifying and supporting products with lots of potential, the AHSNs help companies grow and thrive, stimulating the economy as well as helping patients.

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Published on 1. February 2019 in News, News UK