Bill introduced in Ireland to protect against “disorderly” Brexit

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Simon Coveney, has published a Bill in the Dáil containing numerous provisions to protect Ireland against the worst effects of a no-deal, or disorderly, Brexit.

For healthcare, the most interesting news is that Ireland intends to honour its current commitments. Patients who cross the Irish border to access treatments in the UK will remain allowed to do so, and the opposite is also provided for. Both the travel and reimbursement aspects of reciprocal healthcare are included in the Bill.

Industrial development, energy, education, tax, financial services, and a number of other issues are all included in this Omnibus legislation. This effort, though, is purely in the interest of good planning and forward thinking. The Government has made it clear it hopes the Bill will not need to be enacted, and will “sit on the shelf”.

Read the Bill here, and the Irish Times’ summary here.

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Published on 26. February 2019 in News, News EU, News Ireland, News UK