DHSC announces a code of conduct on AI and data-driven healthcare

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and NHS England have updated the code of conduct for data-driven health and care technology, which aims to ensure the data used in data-driven innovations, apps, clinical decision support tools and kept in electronic health records are used only for the public good in a safe, ethical, evidenced and transparent way. To achieve this the code contains 10 principles, which were published on 5 September 2018 for consultation from the public, industry experts, academics, regulators and patient representative organisations. On 19th February 2019, the latest update of the code was published, incorporating the outcomes of the consultation period.

The principles outlined in the code that must be followed by those developing, deploying and using data-driven technologies include that they must understand their users needs and define the outcome and how the technology will contribute to it. For transparency they must use data that is in line with appropriate guidelines for the purpose for which it is being used and be accountable about what data is being used, make use of open standards and be transparent about the limitations of the data used and algorithms deployed. There must also be an ethical examination of how the data is used and how it will be integrated into health and care provision. Security is also an integral requirement of the design of the technology.

Further updates will be published at the end of 2019.

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Published on 25. February 2019 in News, News UK