Warnings continue over the impact of Brexit on healthcare

The last few days have seen further warnings over the impact of Brexit, and the impact on the UK’s health services.

The Institute of Directors has issued new figures from a survey of company directors from all sectors showing 10% had already begun shifting some operations abroad as a result of Brexit, and that a further 20% were either planning to do so or in the process of actively considering relocation.

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) has released a new report on staffing within the industry. The report and the accompanying press release highlight the need for skilled staff, and raise concerns around shortages. The report notes extensive concern about the effect Brexit will have on staffing, although this is based on qualitative responses rather than the quantitative data set out.

Finally, there have also been newspaper reports over concerns raised about the logistics for provision of emergency medical supplies. This highlights that while pharmaceuticals have attracted the most headlines, medical devices are just as vulnerable to any disruption.

Further details on how Brexit could disrupt the industry can be found on MAP’s Brexit pages.

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Published on 1. February 2019 in News, News EU, News UK