RSC survey shows industry view on a no-deal Brexit

The Royal Society of Chemistry has published a survey of 5,800 chemistry professionals finding that 72% believe that ‘no-deal’ will be very negative for UK science.

The survey also found that only 4% believe no-deal would have a positive impact on the sector and that 84% believe that free movement had had a positive impact on science and innovation.

This news comes as a significant threat of a no-deal Brexit remains, despite Parliament voting against it. The Speaker ruled yesterday that a third meaningful vote cannot be held without ‘substantial changes’ to the withdrawal agreement. It therefore remains uncertain how the Government will proceed in their Brexit negotiations.

Regarding the survey’s findings, Tanya Sheridan, Policy and Evidence Manager at the Royal Society of Chemistry, said:

“For 72% of respondents to say a No Deal Brexit would be ‘very negative’ should be a sobering reminder for government about the potential impacts this could have on UK science and innovation.

“It is vital the government ensures a good deal for science and innovation that supports jobs and allows both academia and industry to maintain the UK’s world-leading position. No-deal is not an option for the chemical sciences.”

Find out more about the impact of Brexit on here.

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Published on 19. March 2019 in News, News UK