Simon Stevens to take over as Chief Executive NHSI

The Health Services Journal (HSJ) have reported that Ian Dalton will be stepping down from his role as Chief Executive of NHS Improvement (NHSI). Simon Stevens, the incumbent Chief Executive of NHS England will be appointed as “leader” of NHSI, with a role of Chief Operating Officer for both organisations (acting as Chief Executive of NHSI) to be appointed in the coming months.

This represents a major move towards integration at high levels of NHSE and NHSI, as foreshadowed by a drive for closer working throughout 2018. The HSJ say:

“NHSE/I have also made a series of other changes to the joint structure they proposed last year, to further integrate the two bodies. Ian Dodge will become joint strategy director. There will also be a shared single communications director, contrary to the previous proposal to keep two. The proposed post of chief provider strategy officer role has been scrapped.

“Baroness Dido Harding will chair the NHSE/I’s joint delivery, quality and performance committee, while NHSE chair Lord David Prior will chair the joint strategy committee.”

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Published on 5. March 2019 in News, News UK