EFPIA urge EU-level Brexit planning

The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) has released an article praising the proactivity of industry with regards to Brexit preparations, and imploring further action at an EU level.

The EFPIA praise the intensive preparations of the pharmaceutical industry, but highlight the need for wider collaboration in order to protect patient safety:

‘Whatever the actions taken by our industry, getting medicines to patients involves a wide range of actors from regulatory bodies to transport companies, wholesalers to governments.’

‘The European Commission and European Medicines Agency have said that any action to resolve the issues is a matter for Member States . . . it is our belief that action at the EU level is the simplest and most consistent route to secure the necessary temporary flexibility on behalf of the Member States in the best interests of patients and public health. Now is the time for action.’

In particular, the EFPIA recommend that several key actions should be taken immediately:

  • ‘Where the transfer of medicines testing from the UK to the EU cannot be completed by the 30 March 2019, then the EU and its Member States should allow the use of medicines currently quality tested in the UK.
  • Medical devices used in conjunction with medicines that currently hold UK certified CE marks, should be made available to use in the EU in the short term
  • While the situation at the EU-UK border remains unclear . . . steps should be taken to prioritise medicines, active pharmaceutical ingredients, raw and clinical trial materials.’

For further information, please see the full article here.

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Published on 1. April 2019 in News, News UK