EU Expert Group publishes report on tools and methodologies to assess the efficiency of healthcare services

The EU Expert Group on Health Systems Performance Assessment (HSPA) has published its report “Tools and methodologies to assess the efficiency of healthcare services in Europe: an overview of current approaches and opportunities for improvement”.

The national healthcare systems are facing a challenge reconciling an increasing demand for healthcare services with available resources. With that in mind, the EU Expert Group identifies the need for developing a set of tools and methodologies that can aid in optimising the efficiency of the healthcare services. The purpose of the report is to support national health policy-makers in their efforts to improve in those aspects. In this way it can aid them in designing more effective, evidence-based policy interventions.

The report summarises the findings of the survey that was conducted amongst the member states and with the scope of future improvements of national tools and methodologies concludes on the following suggestions:

  • Increasing the quality and granularity of cost data
  • Improving measurement of health outcomes
  • Expanding the scope for efficiency measurement beyond hospital care
  • Designing communication of results with stakeholders in mind

Access the full report here.

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Published on 12. April 2019 in News, News EU