Nominations open for High Cost Devices and Drugs lists 2020

NHS England has opened nominations for High Cost Devices and Drugs lists to be included in the 2020 National Tariff.

The National Tariff Payment System (NTPS), also known as Payment by Results (PbR), sets out how much hospitals are paid for conducting various procedures based on diagnosis and treatment. A small number of High Cost Devices and drugs are excluded from reimbursement in this fashion, and are instead commissioned by NHS England through a separate route. Lists of these drugs and devices are published along with the Tariff.

The new 2019/20 National Tariff came into effect at the beginning of April 2019. NHS England are now consulting on potential changes to lists for the future 2020/21 Tariff.

The High Cost Drugs and Devices lists for the current Tariff can be found within section 13 of the National Tariff Workbook (Annex A to the NTPS) which can be found here.

The deadline for submissions is the 31st May 2019.
Further information and the submission form for nominations can be found here.

Positive MAP Insights
The NTPS provides a strong incentive for hospital trusts to avoid any unnecessary spending (as their reimbursement will be fixed, regardless of how much they spend on a procedure). As such it can be challenging to promote uptake of expensive products.

The High Cost Drugs list provides a valuable tool for promoting patient access, and many companies will want to take this limited opportunity to attempt to secure NHS England reimbursement for expensive products on a per-product basis via NHS England commissioning.

MAP also maintains a list of other major consultations of interest via the MAP Online Consultation Tracker.

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Published on 24. April 2019 in News, News UK