AHSN and NHSX survey on data-driven healthcare: call for input

A new survey into data-driven technologies aims to progress the digital transformation envisioned in the NHS Long Term and entrusted to the newly-created NHSX.

The Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN) and NHSX have launched a survey concerning data-driven technologies, with the aim of progressing the NHSX’s mandate to integrate digital technology into the NHS.

‘There are some remarkable data-driven innovations, apps, clinical decision support tools utilising intelligent algorithms being developed, and electronic health systems incorporating them are being widely adopted.’

‘Combining these developments with data-sharing across the NHS has the potential to improve diagnosis, treatment, experience of care, efficiency of the system and overall outcomes for the people at the heart of the NHS, public health and the wider health and care system.’

– AHSN Network press release

This survey aims to go further than the 2018 AHSN survey regarding the use of AI in healthcare, by understanding where these technologies are being developed and the precise healthcare problems that they aim to resolve.

Participation from interested stakeholders is strongly encouraged, and the survey can be accessed here. You can view further consultations on MAP’s consultation tracker.

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Published on 13. May 2019 in News, News UK