EUnetHTA consultation: REQueST® and its Vision paper

EUnetHTA, alongside the HAS, NICE and HZJZ, have launched a public consultation on REQueST and the Vision paper that accompanies it.

In a joint collaboration, France’s Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS), the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) & the Croatian Institute for Public Health (HZJZ) have shared the strand B draft outputs of the Work Package 5 – Lifecycle Approach to improve Evidence Generation.

REQueST (Registry Evaluation and Quality Standards Tool) is built upon the results of the PARENT joint actions with a view to help HTA organisations in guiding and evaluating registries for effective usage in HTA.
The Vision paper summarises key learnings from the Joint Action 3 and provides recommendations for long-term delivery, use and sustainability of REQueST. The document also provides recommendations for a permanent HTA cooperation on post-launch evidence generation.

EUnetHTA say:

“The tool has been developed to be a comprehensive resource that covers all important aspects relating to the quality of registries and will hopefully be an invaluable resource to HTA bodies and others by ensuring a consistent quality of evidence is being used.”

Take part in the consultation here.

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Published on 8. May 2019 in News EU