Health Minister Nicola Blackwood delivers speech at ABPI Annual Conference

Yesterday Nicola Blackwood, Minister for Health, delivered a speech at the ABPI Annual Conference and Dinner. The Minister’s speech addressed NICE technology appraisals and the Accelerate Access Collaborative.

In the speech, at the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, the Minister highlighted the NICE methods review encouraging all stakeholders to engage:

“In this spirit, I have asked NICE to review its technology appraisal and highly specialised technology evaluation methods, taking full account of the benefits offered by new treatments for very severe, life-threatening and rare conditions. I encourage you all to engage fully with the review and, of course, in the spirit of collaboration, I expect the life sciences industry to come forward with proposals that are reasonable and fair.”

Baroness Blackwood also used the speech to talk about the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC):

“In the last year, we have made real progress bringing together key government, NHS and industry partners to form the Accelerated Access Collaborative.

“Under the direction of Lord Darzi, the AAC has taken concrete steps to improve patient access to innovation.

“Many of you will have seen the recent media coverage on the increased NHS support to make pre-eclampsia tests more widely available. This represents just one of the 7 high-performing technologies already receiving dedicated support through the AAC, which have the potential to improve the lives of up to 500,000 patients and save the NHS up to £30 million.”

The Minister continued and highlighted that now the AAC is evolving to become a singular umbrella body:

“…today I am delighted to announce a step change in the scale and ambition of the AAC to ensure it fulfils that mission.

“The AAC is now the single umbrella body across the UK health innovation ecosystem to improve adoption.

“In the future, as now, the AAC will continue to be led by the AAC board chaired by Lord Darzi, and which brings together the chief executives and chairs of all the key healthcare system organisations with senior industry and patient and clinician representatives.

“However, its remit and responsibilities will be significantly expanded.

“Under Lord Darzi’s leadership, the partners of the AAC will be tasked with working together to oversee the health innovation ecosystem, ensuring we have a seamless and efficient approvals process for new innovations so that gaps and hand-offs are minimised as products move from one bit of the system to another.”

Find the full speech transcript here.

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Published on 3. May 2019 in News, News UK