NHS Trusts to be banned from data exclusivity deals

The NHS Long Term Plan’s emphasis upon data-driven healthcare and nationally-integrated health systems could be compromised by discrete data exclusivity deals, however the HSJ reports that DHSC is due to clamp down on these practices.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is due to ban NHS trusts from entering into patient data sharing arrangements that confer exclusivity, according to the Health Service Journal (HSJ).

This aims to combat concerns that individual exclusivity deals will hamper national efforts to collect and share patient data, amidst a renewed emphasis upon data-driven healthcare.

An NHS source commented that:

“What we very strongly want to stop happening is trusts giving anyone exclusivity on that data. If they don’t give exclusively, we can still pull that data together in the centre and use it at the level of the nation, where the real value accrues.”

This policy would represent a significant step-change from the Code of Conduct for data-driven health and care technology published in September 2018, which merely advised Trusts that ‘careful consideration should be given before granting exclusivity of access to data’.

For further information, read the HSJ article here.

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Published on 28. May 2019 in News, News UK