Norwegian cancer research set for major funding boost

An investment foundation has announced new funding into novel cancer research initiatives, with major funding reserved for the use of light to release drugs more efficiently inside cancer cells.

Radforsk, an evergreen investment group dedicated to oncology treatments, has this year announced NOK 4.5 million funding (£400,000) for four researchers. This builds upon the NOK 200 million they have invested into cancer research at Oslo University Hospital since 1986.

COE of Radforsk, Jónas Einarsson, commented that:

 “We have donated a total of NOK 200 million to cancer research at Oslo University Hospital, of which NOK 25 million have gone to research in PDT/PCI. We have previously awarded smaller amounts to several researchers, but we now want to use some of our funds to focus on projects we believe in.”

One of the funding beneficiaries is Anette Weyergang, who is due to receive a record NOK 3.75 million over the next three years for her research into the use of photodynamic therapy (PDT) and photochemical internalisation (PCI) in oncology treatments.

Anette Weyergang has commented that:

“The project aims to find a method for delivering antibodies to cancer cells using PCI technology. This has never been done before, and if we succeed, it can open up brand new possibilities for using this technology.

 This is translational research, so human trials are still a long way off. We will now use both glioblastoma cell lines and animal experimentation to test our hypothesis. We do this to establish what is called a “proof of concept”, which we need to move on to clinical testing.”

For further information, you can read the Radforsk press release here.

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Published on 21. May 2019 in News, News International