On-demand AI platform funded by Innovate UK

Innovative UK has provided £370,000 of funding for Chief.AI and the Medicines Discovery Catapult to support development of an online platform that aims to make AI accessible to drug discovery researchers.

The aim of the developers is to create a platform that enables UK SMEs to leverage AI at the click of the button. Users can gain access to downloadable, off-the-shelf AI models, algorithms and high-quality-data.

Medicines Discovery Catapult will provide with their expertise in high-quality datasets alongside their own novel AI algorithms.

The content of the platform will consist of a comprehensive rating, benchmarking, pricing and scoring system. Customer use and experience will further validate each AI algorithm.

The funding adds to an array of recent funding by the UK government for AI development and online platforms, with the last one being the government’s funding for the Biomedical Catalyst programme.

Dr Kath Mackay – Ageing Society, Health & Nutrition, Innovate UK says:

“Harnessing the capabilities of AI in medicine and in other fields is a key component of the government’s modern industrial strategy. Innovate UK’s support for Chief.AI and Medicines Discovery Catapult will help to allow SMEs to work more efficiently and rapidly in the realm of drug discovery. This will lead to real benefits for patients and help expand and grow this vital sector.”

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Published on 3. May 2019 in News, News UK