Germany and France sign MOSAR agreement

Germany and France have signed the MOSAR agreement which aims to increase patient access to healthcare services.

Under the agreement, patients near to the German and French border can receive treatment in either country irrespective of prior authorisation.

The aim of the MOSAR agreement is so that patients can benefit from healthcare services in either the Saar or Moselle region in Germany and France respectively.

The details of the type of healthcare services offered are part of a phased approach agreed between the two countries. The Bundesministerium für Gesundheit (BMG) – the German Federal Ministry of Health – issued a statement which provided an insight into the services offered for patients across these two regions.

For example, patients in Germany are given access to nuclear medicine services in French hospitals, whilst patients in France will be given access to neurosurgery and cardiology in Germany.

You can read the MOSAR agreement statement from the BMG (in German) here.

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Published on 14. June 2019 in News EU, News France, News Germany