HAS issues proposals on digital health

HAS has published a prospective report developing 29 proposals on digital health, around users, professionals, industry and the State.

Each year the HAS – Haute Autorité de Santé (High Authority of Health) presents a prospective analysis report to the Ministry of Health, containing proposals for improving the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the health system.

This year HAS focussed its report and proposals on the conditions that would allow digital health to improving the health system and social support.

In an effort to create a holistic approach, the proposals were divided into four categories:

  • To develop an inclusive digital approach to user services and facilitate their engagement (6 proposals)
  • To mobilise professionals around the use of digital support for improving the quality and safety of practices and pathways (10 proposals)
  • To strengthen confidence in the digital world through adaptive evaluation (5 proposals)
  • To guarantee good use of sensitive data and artificial intelligence (8 proposals)

More information about the proposals can be found here.

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Published on 20. June 2019 in News, News France