Survey suggests outdated technology systems still ‘limiting’ UK patient care

A new survey commissioned by an IT supplier has found that IT decision-makers believe that outdated digital technology systems are still limiting patient care.

The survey for Computacenter, a provider of digital technology infrastructure and services, found that 36% of IT-related health sector workers responded that their staff have asked for faster and more efficient digital technology systems.

According to the survey, patients seem to have a similar view as 26% of the respondents claimed that the public has asked for the same improvement.

Rob Stanley, Computacenter’s director of end user services, commented:

“Intuitive access to information and increased mobility in the NHS can make a massive difference to staff productivity. Empowering clinicians with devices and applications that enable them to securely access patient data anytime and anywhere helps them to proactively improve outcomes for patients.”

The survey aligns with efforts for IT infrastructure and digital health reform, laid out in the NHS Long Term Plan.

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Published on 14. June 2019 in News, News UK