Chief Medical Officer issues annual report

Professor Dame Sally Davies has issued her final annual report as England’s Chief Medical Officer outlining the UK’s leading role in global health.

The annual report also highlights the need to be mindful of global threats to health such as ebola, antimicrobial resistance, and health inequality.

In publishing the report, Professor Dame Sally Davies commented:

“Investing in global health is the smart thing to do because it is in our mutual interest – it creates a better world for us and for future generations. It helps to keep our population safe.”

“We should invest in systems and solutions that contribute to making health more equitable, secure and sustainable. What we learn abroad will improve our NHS and support our domestic efforts to make sure no one in the UK is left behind.”

The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) also uses the report to call for recognition that the world is changing, with health threats increasingly becoming issues of international concern.

According to the CMO, by engaging with other countries we can make the NHS more adaptable and sustainable.

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Published on 26. July 2019 in News, News UK