Government announces updated plans for medical product supply in event of no-deal Brexit

DHSC has announced plans to minimise medical supply disruption in the event of no-deal Brexit by securing an ‘express freight service’ to transport small deliveries into the UK within 24 hours.

These latest plans from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) form part of a larger initiative to minimise any supply disruption in the event of a no-deal scenario, including logistical issues encountered by suppliers, and aims to ‘support the uninterrupted supply of medicines’.

Other activities include a ‘freight capacity framework agreement’ that will allow Government departments to secure critical freight capacity when required, the creation of additional appropriate warehousing and the stockpiling of supplies in the following areas:

  • medicines
  • medical devices and clinical consumables
  • blood and transplants
  • vaccines and countermeasures
  • supplies for clinical trials
  • non-clinical goods and services

It is the Government’s preference to avoid a no-deal Brexit, however the latest procurement activities in combination with changing or clarifying regulatory requirements to allow companies to continue to sell their products in the UK, aim to minimise the risk to patient care if there is no deal.

The Government announcement is available here.

More details on Brexit in Market Access are available on MAP Online.

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Published on 2. July 2019 in News, News UK